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October 17, 2023

Celebrating Excellence in Journalism!

Ankeny's Spanish Honor Society

Congratulations to Talon editor Joanna Guerrero for her outstanding achievement in the world of school journalism! Joanna has earned the prestigious “Best of School Newspapers Online” award for her heartwarming coverage of the Spanish Honor Society’s uplifting initiative, titled “Bingo! SHS brings smiles to seniors.”

Joanna’s exceptional storytelling skills and dedication to capturing the essence of this community-driven project have been duly recognized. Her article not only informs but also touches the hearts of our readers.

To witness the impact of Joanna’s work and experience the heartwarming narrative of “Bingo! SHS brings smiles to seniors,” we invite you to visit Discover the power of youth-led initiatives in making a positive change in our community.

Once again, congratulations to Joanna Guerrero for this well-deserved recognition, and we look forward to more inspiring stories from her.