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October 13, 2023

Iowa World Language Association Honors Jae Dwyer and Tammy Simms


The Iowa World Language Association (IWLA) 2023 Fall Conference was an event that celebrated the remarkable contributions of educators in the field of language education. Among the talented professionals recognized for their dedication to teaching and inspiring students were Ankeny’s Jae Dwyer and Tammy Simms. 

Jae Dwyer, a French teacher at Southview Middle School, and Tammy Simms, a Spanish/French teacher at Centennial High School, were awarded the prestigious titles of Middle School Teacher of the Year and High School Teacher of the Year, respectively. This award is given to the individual who exemplifies the best in teaching at his/her particular level and who has provided outstanding service to the profession in the state of Iowa, in addition to the IWLA as an organization.  

Jae and Tammy exemplify the dedication, innovation, and passion that language educators bring to their classrooms. Their commitment to providing students with immersive and enriching language learning experiences has not only impacted their students but also inspired others in the field of language education.

The IWLA’s recognition of Dwyer and Simms is not only a celebration of their individual accomplishments but also an acknowledgment of the importance of language education in our increasingly interconnected world. 

Jae and Tammy received their awards at the awards ceremony and luncheon that took place at the IWLA conference on Saturday, October 7th. 

The Iowa World Language Association is devoted to advancing the worldwide mission of education and world languages, literature, and culture by promoting the study of world languages and cultures, promoting language curricula that enable students to become proficient in the target language, and opening doors for multilingual interaction with other cultures.

Congratulations Jae and Tammy!