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May 7, 2024

What is MVP?

Mvp group

This past week, 8-12 graders from Ankeny High and Southview Middle came together for a retreat at the district office. Ken Morris, Chief Diversity Officer, sheds light on the aim of the MVP (Mentors in Violence Prevention) program in ACSD: to equip students of all backgrounds with the skills to become leaders and mentors on issues of violence prevention and empathy.

At its core, MVP aims to:
– Increase awareness of various forms of abuse and bullying.
– Challenge thinking and prompt individuals to consider their responses in harmful situations.
– Foster safe spaces for open dialogue and discussion.
– Inspire student leadership and action for positive change.

We caught up with MVP Coordinator Kelly Andrews to learn more about how MVP contributes to our school buildings. Kelly highlights one of MVP’s key goals: creating a kind and inclusive environment at AHS. The aim is to inspire all students to be leaders and upstanders, encouraging them to speak up and intervene when they witness wrongdoing. By doing so, MVP hopes to gradually shape a culture where every student feels safe, comfortable, and confident.

Coordinator Dru McAnelly shares exciting updates from Ankeny High School, where the MVP program has been integrated this year. Junior and senior leaders have been actively involved in sophomore seminars, delivering impactful lessons that empower their peers to be agents of change. The ripple effect of leadership among students is palpable, contributing to a cultural shift towards acceptance, respect, and admiration for doing what’s right.

Sara Snitker, a social worker at Southview, explains how students can get involved with MVP. Across four school buildings, MVP groups are active, including both high schools and 8/9 buildings. Coordinators at each location facilitate involvement, and teachers can assist in recruiting interested students. Getting involved is straightforward—it’s about embodying the right characteristics for MVP, being an upstander, and engaging in discussions about complex social and emotional issues.

Join us in championing a culture of kindness, leadership, and empathy with MVP!

Interested in joining MVP? Contact any of the coordinators below! Learn more at the Patricia A. Tomson Center for Violence Prevention website.

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Contact AHS Coordinator:
Kelly Andrews or Dru McAnelly

Contact CHS Coordinator:
CJ Aldape or Jacqueline Kovacevic