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Before & After School

Frequently asked questions

School-Year: Will the $50.00 non-refundable registration fee be refunded if we withdrawal? No, the registration fee is non-refundable .  It is also Program practice to waive one re-registration fee per school year.  Therefore, if you withdrawal your child now, but re-register at any time during the 2020-2021 school year, your re-registration fee will be waived.

School-Year: How will I know if my child is registered to attend on the first day of school? You have completed the current year’s B/ASP registration form and paid the annual, non-refundable registration fee of $50.00;  you have paid your child’s August tuition by the due date; AND you have received a start date confirmation email from central B/ASP office staff (this is sent out in July).

Does B/ASP accept Childcare Assistance? Yes, please click here for all details pertaining to this in the Before & After School Program Handbook, Financial Assistance area.

Summer Camp: Can I add a week(s) to my child’s Summer Camp registration once I’ve already registered them? Yes. You will need to complete the “Add a Week(s) of Camp” form listed under the Summer Camp section.

Summer Camp: Can I cancel or transfer a week of my child’s Summer Camp registration? Yes. You will need to complete the “Cancel or Transfer a Week(s) of Camp” form listed under the Summer Camp section.

School-Year: Is there an option to change my child’s B/ASP contract? The contract change/withdrawal deadline is the 28th of each month for changes to the following month.  All changes/withdrawals are completed by the parent/guardian submitted on the Request a Contract Change or Withdraw form

School-Year: If I withdrawal my child for the start of the school year, will there be an option to re-enroll later? Registration is open throughout the school year under the waitlist selection and then added as space allows.  Enrollment is limited at each site. Will my child’s spot be saved if I withdrawal now and re-enroll later? The Program does not ‘hold’ spots.

School-Year: Will my child stay at his own school for the B/ASP?  The goal is to offer a B/ASP at every elementary school.  However, due to the structure of the Program, a minimum after school enrollment of 30 students is required for a site to be open.  In the event a site does not meet the required minimum enrollment, students will be bussed to a neighboring school using District transportation, at no additional cost.

School-year: Can my child  only attend the B/ASP one day per week? Students may attend the B/ASP on the days they are physically in school per the student’s registered B/ASP contract.  Students may attend as many or as few days within these guidelines, but the tuition rate remains the same.