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Iowa code Section 301.1 authorizes school districts to collect a rental fee for textbooks, including electronic textbooks, and supplementary instructional materials that convey information to the student or otherwise contribute to the learning process. The refund policy, including guidelines on prorated refunds for departing students, is posted on the Ankeny Schools website. Fee statements will be generated at least three times per school year; families with outstanding fees and fines will be sent their fee statements. The district may choose to use a collection agency for any outstanding fees, fines, and/or negative lunch balances. For more information, see Board Policy 503.03.

The following fees are required to be paid in full when registering:

Grade Product Cost
Grades K-5  Textbook Rental Fee  $50.00
Grades 6 – 12  Textbook Rental Fee  $75.00

The following charges or fines may be collected from students during the year but are not required when registering for school:

Product Cost
Driver Education $370.00
Instrument Rental $50.00
Vehicle Registration (yearly) $10.00
Replacement Vehicle sticker $1.00
Parking Violation #1 $10.00
Parking Violation #2 $15.00
Parking Violation #3 $20.00
Replacement School ID $5.00
Replacement Lock Fee $8.00


Nutrition Services Product Cost
Breakfast K-5 Free
Breakfast 6-12 Free
Lunch K-5 Free
Lunch 6-7 Free
Lunch 8-12 Free
Extra Milk $0.50
Extra Entrée $2.00 – $4.50
Second Lunch $3.95

Students whose families meet the income guidelines for free and reduced price lunch, for the Family Investment Program (FIP), and/or for transportation assistance under open enrollment, and students who are in foster care are eligible to have student fees waived or partially waived. Within 30 school days of enrollment, students whose families are experiencing a temporary financial difficulty may be eligible for a temporary waiver of student fees and/or a temporary waiver of lunch fees from the date of enrollment. After 30 school days of enrollment, students may be eligible for a temporary waiver of student fees and/or a temporary waiver of lunch fees assessed on or after the date of eligibility. Parents or students who believe they may qualify for temporary financial hardship assistance should contact the building secretary for a waiver form. This form must be completed annually. A waiver of confidentiality form must also be on file before fees can be fully or partially waived. The district must receive this form during the affected school year to be valid.