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Bus Passes

The safety of students is a primary concern of the Ankeny Community School District. For several safety reasons, it is imperative that Durham School Services bus drivers can identify eligible bus riders and allow only those students who are assigned to a bus to ride it.  Strict bus rules are just one component of a district-wide comprehensive safety and security plan.

Rule 17 of the district’s school bus transportation rules and regulations, gives bus drivers the authority to check for student bus passes.

Why is the school enforcing this rule?

The district’s guidelines for bus passes help ensure the rule is being followed consistently. Eligible elementary students should not be denied a ride because they forget their pass, but at the same time, everyone needs to understand and follow the rule to present their bus pass.

It is critical for student safety that bus drivers be able to identify and allow only those students authorized to be on the bus to ride the bus. As the district continues to grow and experience a rapid increase in bus riders, temporary drivers, substitute drivers, and even some regular drivers do not always personally know every student. While drivers carry rosters as a backup, route timing, multiple-household families, and other factors make it impractical to check numerous students against the roster every day to confirm they are authorized to be on a particular bus.

Ensuring that students riding the bus are quickly and strictly accounted for improves safety for both students and others. Several scenarios could easily arise when bus pass rules are lax, such as the inability to contact parents in the case of an emergency, medical concerns, and ensuring students are dropped off at the correct stop where they will be appropriately supervised.

In alignment with this rule, the following guidelines have been implemented:

  • It is the responsibility of students to carry a bus pass.
  • All students in grades K-9 who are eligible for free busing, or registered as pay-to-ride participants, will be provided a free bus pass holder by the school district.
  • Students should place their bus pass in the holder and attach it to their book bag or backpack.
  • Students in grades 10-12 may either carry the pass or purchase a bus pass holder.
  • Bus drivers will check for bus passes of all students at the time of pick-up.
  • Students in grades K-5 who are eligible to ride the bus but who forget their bus pass will not be denied the ability to ride their regular bus.
  • If a student in grades 3-5 forgets their bus pass, parents/guardians will be notified if the pass is not shown within five school days.
  • Students who are eligible to ride the bus in grades 6-12 have three “grace” days per year in which they will be allowed on their bus without a pass. Each day the student is allowed on the bus without a pass, the driver will collect information and officially inform the student’s principal, who will notify the student’s parent/guardian. This notification serves as both reminder and warning that the student will lose riding privileges without a bus pass.
  • Once a student in grade 6-12 has not presented a bus pass three times during the year, he/she will be on a “no-pass, no-ride” status for the remainder of the school year. Under these circumstances, if the pass is not shown, the student will not be allowed to ride the bus.
  • Any student who is denied access to the bus without their pass should call their parent/guardian.

Replacement Passes

If a student loses his/her bus pass, a new pass may be ordered through your school office. Students also have the option to purchase an additional or replacement bus pass holder.

For More Information:
Contact Spencer Shoemaker, Durham General Manager, (515) 965-9615