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Non-Public Transportation

For reimbursement on students utilizing the school districts non-public transportation please fill out the digital form below.

*Please note claims can only be filed in the current semester the transportation is being used. You will need to fill out the form twice if students are claiming a transportation reimbursement each semester.

1st semester claims: July 6 – December 1
2nd semester claims: January 17 – May 1

Ankeny Community School District makes one reimbursement payment to parents claiming non-public transportation following the end of the current school year for all claims made during the school year. Claims will be submitted on or before June 15, 2023.

Following Iowa Code, the state makes one payment on or around July 15 to the school district after the school year ends. The district then prepares payments to parents based on the amount from the state. Final payment to parents claiming non-public transportation occurs no later than August 31 for the preceding school year.

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