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Emergency Drills

At the Ankeny Community School District, we strive to provide a safe and secure learning environment for all students and staff. An emergency plan exists for every building which includes orderly procedures that will help all students remain safe. To further prepare for an emergency, we conduct regularly scheduled emergency drills. Emergency drills prepare everyone to be able to safely and calmly respond to emergency situations.

Fire Drills

Fire drills are designed to ensure a quick and orderly evacuation of school buildings should we experience a real fire emergency. Fire drills follow a building-based evacuation procedure. We practice the evacuation process so all school employees know their respective duties and students know where to go.
  • Fire drills are conducted monthly
  • 1st fire drill is required within 10 days of start of school
  • Fire Marshal must be present for the 1st fire drill of the school year

Tornado Drills

Tornado drills are designed to protect students and staff from tornadoes or thunderstorms with high winds. During a tornado drill students and staff move to pre-designated locations within the school that offer protection from such threats.
  • Tornado drills are required 2 times per semester at a minimum

Lockdown Drills

The purpose of the lockdown drill is to help students practice how to stay safe from any danger inside the building. Students and staff are encouraged to exercise decision making skills to implement the proper response option.
  • Lockdown drills are required twice per semester at a minimum

Bus Evacuation Drills

School buses are some of the safest forms of transportation on the road, but in case of an emergency, it may be necessary for students to evacuate a school bus. The procedure for evacuating a school bus is not difficult, but does require periodic training for bus drivers and students alike.
  • Bus Evacuation drills are required once per semester at a minimum