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New Security Practices

The safety and security of our students, staff, and community members is a priority for Ankeny Community Schools. Providing a safe environment extends beyond the classroom to school events. Our safety and security team continuously reviews our facilities and practices to ensure that every ACSD student can learn and grow in a collaborative, dynamic, and secure environment. 

With the start of the new school year, Ankeny Schools will implement updated security procedures. Every effort has been made to ensure a great experience for students, staff, and community members while ensuring safety at events. 

New practices the community should be aware of include:

  1. No access without a ticket or pass, including after halftime. Spectators will need a ticket or a pass to enter the stadium during the event regardless of what time spectators arrive. 
  2. Spectators will not be allowed to bring backpacks and large handbags into the stadium. Diaper or medical bags will be allowed and subject to search by event security personnel. Crossbody belt bags, fanny packs, and purses, including clear ones, will be subject to search upon each entrance into events. 
  3. Entrance to the stadium before an event will not be allowed. Facilities will open for events 90 minutes before kick-off, tip-off, etc. Access to the stadium and gyms by spectators, including students, for the purpose of saving seats will not be an option. 
  4. Families will be encouraged to ensure that students in grades K-5 be accompanied by an adult.
  5. There will be no re-entry after leaving the stadium.
  6. No outside food or drink.

Security practices that will continue:

  • Grades 6-12 must wear school ID while at the game
  • Footballs are not allowed
  • No baby powder, confetti, signs, noisemakers
  • No weapons (real or look-alike)
  • The North gate will remain secured at all times unless a team, band, or emergency personnel need access to the stadium