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Ankeny Community School District Logo Usage 

As with the start of every school year we have seen an increase in the use of the district’s logos on fan wear, signage, and other promotional materials. It is wonderful to see our students, staff, and community engaged and supporting the district! 

To help avoid confusion about what is officially affiliated with the district, we need to be mindful of how our trademarked logos are being used.  The following policies and rules have been set to guide the use of the district’s trademarked materials. Below are a few reminders to ensure proper use. 

  • Use of the District’s name, letterhead, logos, web design, or its buildings and sites and other resources for advertising and promoting products and/or services is not allowed unless the district has specifically authorized the use
  • The use of any district logo and/or branded material may not imply that the district endorses a product, service, or company, or that a product, service or company is a part of the Ankeny Community School District. 
  • To minimize confusion between official district and third party communications, district logos may not be used as a display “icon” for any person or organization’s social media. 
  • If the district has authorized use of district branding, before using ACSD logos, the authorized user is responsible for becoming familiar with the District’s Brand & Style Guide.  A district logo (even when it’s use is approved) may not be modified, added to, or subtracted from. 
  • The following groups are exempt from licensing and may use district branding, subject to the guidelines in the District’s Brand & Style Guide.

    • Individual Ankeny Schools and the School District itself
    • Ankeny Schools athletic and activities teams and clubs
    • Ankeny Schools Booster Clubs
    • Ankeny Schools Parent-Teacher Organizations
    • Ankeny Alumni Association
    • Ankeny Community Schools Foundation
    • Ankeny Schools-sponsored student groups
    • Ankeny Schools faculty, staff and administration
    • School fundraisers

All other groups are required to be licensed for either promotional or vendor use.

  • The district has the right to ask any company, individual or organization to immediately stop the use of a logo, or to deny use of its logos to any individual, company or organization for any reason.

Please read the policy 1004.20 Advertising and Promotion for further information on district logo/trademark uses.

We thank you in advance for your compliance with the usage of the district’s logos and other promotional materials. If you have any questions about logo usage and brand material please contact the ACSD Communications Department. 

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