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Social Media Guidelines

Consistent with our student handbook language on public conduct and social media use, Ankeny Schools expects that students, employees, and the public interacting on its social media pages treat each other with respect, engage in responsible behavior, exercise self-discipline, and model fairness, equity, and respect. Ankeny Schools reserves the right to moderate comments, including removal, that are not consistent with this policy.

Below are guidelines students, staff, and the public engaging with the Ankeny Schools social media should adhere to:

  • Your online behavior should reflect the behavior goals of Ankeny Schools: being respectful, responsible, and safe.
  • It is acceptable to disagree with someone else’s opinions, however, do it in a respectful way. 
  • All online behavior is expected to comply with the Ankeny Schools policies regarding harassment and bullying.
  • Be safe online. Never give out personal information including, but not limited to, last names, phone numbers, addresses, exact birthdates, school name, and pictures. 
  • Do not use other people’s intellectual property (i.e., their words or ideas) without citing your sources. It is a violation of copyright law to copy and paste others’ thoughts without giving proper credit.