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The district charges fees for textbooks and other items in accordance with state law and guidance by the Iowa Department of Education.

Except where specifically listed, students who qualify under the National Student Lunch Program (NSLP) income guidelines may have fees reduced by 50% for reduced status and no charge for free status. (Example: K-5 textbook for a reduced-fee student would be $50 x .5 = $25)

Item Amount
Student Single Breakfast – K-5 $1.85
Student Single Breakfast – 6-8 $2.00
Student Single Breakfast – 9-12 $2.00
Adult Single Breakfast $2.40
Reduced-Price Breakfast $0.30
Student Single Lunch – K-5 $2.85
Student Single Lunch – 6-8 $2.90
Student Single Lunch – 9-12 $2.95
Adult Single Lunch $3.85
Second Lunch – All Levels $3.85
Reduced Price Lunch $0.40
Extra Entrée $2.50
Milk $0.50


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