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The budgeting process for the Ankeny Community School District is truly a year-round endeavor. Each fiscal year, a number of activities take place within the district to gather budget information, develop a sound plan, and then present this information to the Board of Education, and ultimately, the public.

The calendar below shows the general schedule used by the district to make budgeting decisions. Please note the links to the Board Agendas page of the district website for applicable public discussions and decisions.

Month Activity Responsibility
July Previous year-end close begins

Update Board with preliminary financial information

New year line item budget development

Chief Financial Officer, Business Office
August Complete previous year end close

Distribute approved line item budget to building principals and departments heads

Initiate/coordinate student, personnel, program, cost, facility, and economic data

Business Office
September Enrollment update

Develop/approved proposed budget calendar

Presentation of previous year Certified Annual Financial Report

Chief Financial Officer
October Review financial position with Board/Cabinet

Final enrollment numbers

Project revenue/develop cost and program guidelines for budget areas

Project staffing salary and benefits costs for budget year

Chief Financial Officer, Cabinet
November Develop/distribute budget preparation materials including Physical Plant and Equipment Levy (PPEL) capital budget request forms to buildings

Approve SBRC Request

Brainstorm program/services changes with Cabinet and Administrative Council

Chief Financial Officer, Business Office, Board
December Begin certified budget process

Plan and initiate collective bargaining negotiations strategies

Chief Financial Officer, Cabinet
January Continue certified budget process

Prepare expenditure requests for capital budgets

Re-estimate revenues

Receive tax valuations

Chief Financial Officer
February Continue certified budget process

Approve PPEL capital budget expenditure requests

Re-project staffing salary and benefits costs

Make preliminary staffing and program additions / reductions decisions

Chief Financial Officer, Cabinet, Board
March Review / approve program and staff adjustments with Administrative Council

Prepare budget document

Line Item budget allocation projections, and appropriate supplementary information / begin with principals

Approve proposed certified budget for publication

Chief Financial Officer, Cabinet, Board
April Review and hold public hearings on proposed certified budget for school district

Open line item budget process for budget year and prepare first-run documentation for building principals

Make revisions and approve proposed certified budget as appropriate

Board, Business Office
May Continually update revenue estimates as new information becomes available from tax assessor, State Legislature, Department of Education, and federal government agencies

Line item budget due from principals / department heads end-of-month

Chief Financial Officer, Principals, Business Office
June Finalize line item budget iterations and follow-up with building questions. Chief Financial Officer, Business Office