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Extended Learning Program (AELP)

Mission Statement (why we exist)

The mission of the AELP program is to provide educational programming designed to maximize the unique cognitive abilities and enhance personal growth of identified students.

Philosophy (what we believe)

We believe that gifted students have unique affective and cognitive needs. These students have the right to receive instructional and educational services appropriate to their abilities and needs beyond those provided by the general school program.

Purpose (what we do)

We know that gifted students are gifted all day long and we strive to match this philosophy with our service delivery. Appropriate extension in all classrooms is vitally important. In order to enhance classroom extension for students throughout their school day, AELP teachers will follow a flexible service model. As individual students’ needs change over time, AELP services will adjust appropriately. Some students may require direct instruction from the AELP teacher during a certain unit or course, while other identified students will benefit from the AELP teacher providing collaborative services working to increase differentiated opportunities for our gifted and talented students within their classroom setting.

Gifted and Talented Education and Iowa Code

In regard to the AELP program, the following district policy, state laws and administrative rules determine how gifted and talented education is provided and funded:

  • Ankeny Policy 604.03 Talented and Gifted Program
  • Iowa Code section 256.11 details the required educational standards which included gifted and talented programs.
  • Iowa Code section 257.42 states as part of their school improvement plan, school boards must annually submit program plans for gifted and talented children programs and budget costs to the Department.
  • Iowa Code section 257.44 defines gifted and talented children.
  • Iowa Code section 257.46 and Iowa Code section 257.8 describes gifted and talented funding.
  • 281–Iowa Administrative Code 12.5(12) describes the provisions gifted and talented students requirements in the state’s General Accreditation Standards for schools.
  • 281–Iowa Administrative Code 59

Guiding Documents from the Iowa Department of Education

View Iowa Code on Gifted and Talented Education
View Iowa Codes on Gifted and Talented funding
View Iowa Department of Education information on Gifted and Talented Education

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