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AELP- Ankeny Extended Learning Program

Aelp teacher

Gifted and Talented Programming in Iowa

Iowa schools are required to provide talented and gifted programming in grades K-12.

Iowa Code and Iowa Administrative Code determine gifted and talented programming. Iowa Code is the law passed by the Iowa General Assembly and signed by the Governor. Iowa Administrative Code is the guidance on how to meet those requirements and mandates.

Iowa Department of Education Gifted and Talented Programs
Find out more about gifted and talented programs at the Iowa Department of Education website.

Ankeny Extended Learning Program (AELP)

In Ankeny we refer to our gifted and talented program as the Ankeny Extended Learning Program (AELP).


The Ankeny Extended Learning Program develops the unique cognitive abilities and personal growth of identified students so they can successfully contribute to a global society.

AELP mission


The Ankeny Community School District values excellence in academics for each student and is committed to equitable practices in gifted and talented services to meet the needs of our diverse student population from kindergarten through graduation. Our gifted and talented students, when compared with their grade level peers, exhibit high academic performance or high academic potential. The Ankeny Extended Learning Program is committed to fostering these gifts and talents by providing relevant and challenging programming to meet students’ unique learning needs through multiple pathways for identification. We strive for continuous growth for our students by providing needs-based services and talent development opportunities.

Program Goals:

  • We will provide a challenging learning environment for identified students to explore talent, interest areas, strengths, and interactions with similar peers.
  • We will provide academic services to support identified students’ continuous learning.
  • We will support the unique emotional and social needs of identified students.

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Talented and Gifted Specialist
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